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Organic vs. Non-Organic Eggs

Have you ever wondered about organic and non-organic vegetables, foods, drinks and other products?

The other day I went grocery shopping with my wife. As we were walking down the aisles, we came across several products of organic and non-organic nature. It was surely obvious which is which, not by the packaging but simply by the price. Organic products tend to be more expensive. Interesting indeed! I’m sure there is a reasonable justification for this high price.

We reached the butter and juices section, which is always a tad cooler than sticking your face in your freezer for 5 minutes (I am sure you are thinking about it… go ahead…try it). Scanning the shelves i noticed the organic and non-organic eggs. For a moment there I didn’t know how to interpret this. I thought there could only be organic eggs. I was mind boggled with the concept of organic and non-organic eggs, that as soon as I got home I turned research mode on and started my investigation. I discovered an amazing truth which I am certain that many of you do not even know to this day.

Let’s start with the Organic egg:

The hen gets up in the morning to the beautiful sound of music, the sound of a rooster. She has enough time to brush her feathers, dip her face in some water, and walk around the farm to get some food. The rooster meanwhile, notices the daily and routinely actions of the chicken, descends from the rooftop, the fence or whatever high-rise location he’s in and starts flirting with the chicken. A few moments later they exchange phone numbers. Later that evening he ends up in her bunk bed.

A few days after their first encounter, the chicken lays a healthy beautiful and tasty organic egg, which eventually ends up on the shelve of some market with a high price tag.

As for the Non-Organic egg:

(Reader discretion advised, this part might cause you to stop eating eggs)

When the hen first hears the voice of the rooster early in the morning, she gets the chills. She looks around at all the other shivering hens that are with her in the chicken coop and sees that each one of them has started to pray. She knows she is not alone in this, but she only prays that today is not her turn.

She tries to play sick every single day but to no avail. She screams and pleads for a day of mercy. She wonders if it is a communication issue she is faced with because the people seem to misinterpret her shouts. Obviously, she
can’t speak human and humans for sure don’t understand chicken… They only understand taste.

The countdown starts. It’s only a matter of time where her pimp (the human being) picks her up and shoves her in a cage with a rooster whom she has never met. The “animal” ravages her without even an introduction. Every day a different rooster…. sometimes multiple times a day.

She lays the egg that she already hates. Before she could do anything about the bastard egg it gets taken away from her. This egg is then labeled as the non-organic egg that we are eagerly buying for a cheaper price. The hen can only hope that tomorrow will be a better day but it never is. She was forced into prostitution ever since she hatched from an organic egg.

At least one thing is for sure, if that hen had fingers instead of wings, she would have been the first to pull up a cigarette and smoke it.

Raghid Khalil


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