They say “behind every successful man, there is a woman.” I say behind every woman there is “Apple”. Why might one wonder? What does apple have to do with it? We all know about their success in iPods, iPads, iPhones and all other “i”s that came along over the past years.

What people have forgotten is the greatest creation of all: that is the “Woman”. She comes in different versions with an intuitive and self-upgrading operating system. She starts off with the basic and simple version “iKnow”, then climbs up the ladder to version “iNeed” until she reaches the highest of all levels “iWant”. All three levels are backward compatible. She can easily switch between them with no lag time.

I blame apple for this, and at this point I ask them to declare what updates of “Woman” they have in store for us.

There was one version of “Man” and it hasn’t been updated since. It’s a one-time application that runs under extreme pressure; it’s a very effective application and eventually affects the lives of men running it. It’s the “iDo” app, works best in wedding ceremonies.

Raghid Khalil


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