Love … at a Glance

She loves him … but… he loves another.

Typical, is the word that first comes to your mind. It’s always the case. When will women learn that no good can come from a man?

He has a heart of stone, that is to say, if he has one in the first place. She, on the other hand, is so loving and caring. He rationalizes each step she takes, and she feels every action he makes. She gives him her undivided attention and surrenders her love. What does he do instead?

Words start flying out easily when describing the harshness of men. His cold-blooded nature, his indifference, and hard-heartedness are some of his general attributes.

But when it comes to women, we find ourselves very careful with our choice of words. No matter how cruel we tend to be with our description, we still manage to throw in a couple of motherly and angelic words.  Even when she is remote, she is concerned. Even when she is harsh, she conveys compassion.

This is how it has always been, and most probably will remain for centuries to come. Unfortunately none of us will be alive by then to confirm or challenge those accusations. The earlier we accept them, the earlier women can formulate ways to protect themselves from the one they love.

Women have always been the victim and like I stated before:

She loves him no more, but without a doubt he has been wrongfully accused that he loves another.

Raghid Khalil


3 thoughts on “Love … at a Glance

  1. This is too much of a generalization. Its true that women are much more compassionate and caring than men, but that doesn’t make them uncapable of protecting themselves. If you had said that 20 years ago I’d say its true, but we’ve reached a time where women are starting to have a voice. ” Behind every great men there’s a women” and if you look closely this is true. How many times have you heard of women getting married to men just becomes of his wealth or position in the comunity? Think about it, as much as women foolishly fall in love with men, men are doing the same without even realizing it.

  2. You are right Malak. The article is a sarcastic reflection of what you were stating. If you read the last sentence again and compare it to the first one you realize that men also do love. He was in love with her and wrongfully accused. I was trying to convey what you stated in your comment.

    Thank you for your comment and opinion. We appreciate it 🙂

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