The Vacuum Cleaner and I

When I was Single, I used to vacuum clean the house at most twice a month and prior to an occasion/ Event.
When I got Married, my spouse and I started vacuum cleaning the house more regularly, say at least once a week as well as prior to an occasion/ Event.
When we had our first child, vacuum cleaning became more of a precautionary act, so once every other day and there was no need to clean prior to an occasion or event, because the house was relatively kept spotless.
When our child became of the walking and running freely around the house age, we had to buy a newer vacuum cleaner with stronger suction power and longer extension cords that can reach almost anywhere and for some weird reason vacuum cleaning felt more like a prescription:
– 7 days a week.
– 3 times a day preceded by meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
– If you skip the lunch time don’t panic, just do it after the earliest snack.

Some common side effects:
– Fatigue, frustration, speaking louder, hearing issues but none are fatal.
– In some cases depression was reported, and loss of hope in ever having a clean room.

Raghid Khalil

Apple under the Microsoft Microscope

Apple: I am man’s first temptation.
Microsoft: more like the original sin.

Apple: I keep the doctors away (built in antivirus).
Microsoft: and the worms within (recent hacks).

Apple: I am man’s tastiest fruit.
Microsoft: and snow white’s deadliest fruit.

Apple: we’re in every household.
Microsoft: in other words, always a housewife, never a businessman.

Apple: just get off my back.
Microsoft: I thought you like being bent.

Raghid Khalil